Meet the Animal Crew of Sugar Lagoon

Hiya! I'm Aurora!


I'm a white German Shepherd with a heart of gold!

I'm the newest member of the crew, I joined in November of 2019. Mom picked me for my bright personality and goofy ways. She says I'm a big goof!

I like to find an collect rocks, sticks and shiny things, and I'll bury my collection in the back yard for safekeeping. It's my job to keep my human family guessing with my games! I guess that makes me the crew jokester!


My favorite character is Sparkle, because she's so graceful and pretty. My humans tell me that Comet is based on my personality, and it must be true! Comet loves to play games, too!



Oh hai, 

I'm Catnip.


I'm a pretty little tortoiseshell female. I was rescued from under the house in 2013, and I've been a part of the Crew ever since. 

I'm the loudest of the four-legged crew members, and I like to greet the humans at the door when they come home after being out with all the latest gossip and news. It's because of my talkative nature and loud voice that I was given the title of Newskit and  bring you the Mewsletter every month!

My hobbies include gossiping, bird watching, hiding from my brother and demanding attention. 

My favorite character is Pastel, but the humans say that Cosmos is based on my purr-sonality. I'll take that compliment, after all, Cosmos is the most sophisticated. 



I'm Merlin.


I'm a handsome Norwegian Forest Cat mix, rescued from a shelter when I was a little guy. Mom says I was pretty sick and had to be in an oxygen chamber, whatever that is.


Mom helped me get better and I've been a part of the crew ever since!

My job is to look pretty, I am mean, aren't I the cutest

boy? I lay in funny poses that Mom uses for reference

for her characters, so I guess that makes me her model.

My hobbies include sleeping, giving myself baths, hiding under the covers to play with Mom's feet and chasing my sisters.

My favorite character is Suna, and the humans say that he is based on my purr-sonality. Sunacat is a handsome boy just like me, so I'll take that compliment!



I'm Mavis!


I'm a beautiful long haired black kitten that was rescued from this noisy place called the pound. Mom was so nice I buried my head in her arms and wouldn't let go, and it worked 'cause she took me home!

I'm the baby of the group, and also the one that gets into things the most. 

Mom gives me lots of toys but my favorite things to play with are important papers, clean clothes and whatever is out of reach so I can't touch it.  Mom thinks I'm not on to her game of hiding things, but I always find them and play destroyer of all the things.

My hobbies include mischief and mayhem, playing with everything under the sun and reminding everyone there is always time for fun!

My favorite character is Galacat, but the humans say that Pastel is based on my purr-sonality. That's okay with me, she is fun and always enjoys adventure!


Isis Marie

On October 1, 2019, our beloved Isis crossed the rainbow bridge. She'll be in our hearts forever. Run free, Isis Marie!

I'm a husky mix with a heart of gold. Momma's constant companion, I am

always following her around the house and making sure she is safe. She says I am her shadow!

I was rescued from the woods of Corvalis, Oregon with my sisters when I was 4 weeks old. Papa wasn't too keen on having a dog, but I won him over with my charm. He gives the best chest rubs! 


It's my job to provide hugs and cuddles, it keeps the

crew grounded and reminds them there's always time for a quick cuddle break!


My hobbies include singing the song of my people to my humans, finding all the best sticks and cuddling with Mom and my kitty siblings.

My favorite character is Orion, but the humans say that Nyabula is based on my personality. I love to cuddle and take care of everyone, so I guess that fits!